Wednesday, June 27, 2007


On Sunday we went to the old Millenium Dome for the last day of the Greenwich + Docklands Festival.
Shame about the venue - it has all the atmosphere of an airport food hall.
The entertainment was fantastic though.

Sarruga brought their giant pedal-powered battling insects from Barcelona, while French company Aeroplume presented this helium-zeppelin powered 'Butterfly':

We all enjoyed the day, out of reach of the rain, and nothing seemed to frighten Alex......

....except the slinky dancers!


Sarruga said...

Thank you very uch for your fantastic pic of our ANT.

Do you have more pictures about us? If it's yes, can you send some pictures by e-mail, please?

Thank you very much again!
All best!

Sarruga said...

Thanks for your comment, you can send the pics in the following direction!
Thank you very much for your help!