Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh when the Saints...

Saturday 29th July, St Mary's Stadium, Southampton.
Ryan models Saints new away shirt after attending his first ever football match.
Southampton drew 1-1 with Panathiniakos in the friendly Ted Bates Memorial game.


Ian said...

Nice picture using fill-in flash. What camera did you use?

I see that all the seats shown as a background to your picture seem to be empty - no change there then!

Cue old joke about phoning "The Dell": "What time does the Southampton match start?"

Dell receptionist: "What time can you come?"

Nigel said...

Our new compact digital camera - Sony DSC-P200. It's 7.2 mega pixel, but slightly chunkier than the optio or ixus. We've had it 2 months and it's already been sent back for repair once.
I am photoshopping everything at the moment. I usually separate the subject using quickmask and then desaturate and gaussian blur the backgrounds. You get far too large a depth of field with these cameras now as the chips are so small and the lenses so slow.
I haven't been so successful at correcting colour balances though.
Oh and it was after the game so the crowd had left, actually!

Emma said...

I think that is the "Beast" in the foreground isn't it?

Nigel said...

It's new £1.6million signing Rudi Skacel.