Sunday, July 16, 2006

bicycle injury

Ryan came a cropper on his bike today, losing control on a downhill path covered with loose stone chippings. It was horrible for us watching from about 50 yards behind as he careered out of control, waiting for the inevitable crash which seemed to happen in slow motion.

Helen took him to the Danson Stables nearby and the first aider on duty patched him up. He was in shock for a while and felt sick, but then recovered brilliantly and even got back on the bike to ride it to the car.

He has taken the skin off his elbow and his knee, scratched up his stomach face and hands, and bashed his head, but by the time mum bathed him and picked out all the gravel, it didn't look so bad. We were both very proud of him as he was so brave and coped really well.

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