Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It feels like spring has finally arrived, a month or so late. The daffodils on Goldsmiths College Green didn't show en masse until mid-April this year, and the tulips have only recently appeared in a blaze of colour. Suddenly there's blossom blowing through the streets, and dandelions speckling the lawn outside my window. Beautiful.

We sowed our salad garden seeds over Easter, but so far only the rocket and lollo rosso have appeared. I'm always impatient when it comes to watching seeds grow. The grape vine is covered in fresh buds though, and I still haven't bottled last year's wine.

I never thought I would enjoy gardening, but it's amazing what can happen after 10 years of living in flats, especially when you realise you can grow food, and even wine. The neighbours think we are trying to live The Good Life; they probably wouldn't be surprised to see us get some chickens or a goat.

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